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Authors: Blue Haze Custom Games

ok so yall can have some fun every map download will include 5 maps each, this way you can all get a taste of some serious battles all of our maps are designed using one of three concepts known as, "Street Fighter", "Marco Polo", and Claustaphobic".

Street Fighter-
This concept was named becasue you would be fighting in the streets of one of our infamous city maps bases are easily found and secondary bases are extremely hard to setup. Street Fighter concept maps usually will be small but will have many players.

Marco Polo-
This concept was designed for people who like finding the enemy, plenty of possible places that the enemy could be and plenty of places to hide for ambushes, these maps were designed for for players but are extremely large as to make it difficult for the enemy to find you.

These maps are maps that can range from small to large but are difficult to manuver in the only production space is inside yuor starting base making it vital to deply porperly and save space, these maps can have any number of allowed players and positions are randomly placed on the map making it hard to find eachother but also making it easy to get pinned down.

I hope you all enjoyed a little bit of a preview into the minds of our Maping artist and please enjoy.

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