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This map is designed for 8 players on 4 teams. Set it up as follows: Players 1 and 2 are Team 1, 3&4 Team 2, etc. Another interesting variation is teaming players 1-4 vs. players 5-8.

The teams start in small keeps with two levels and four initial LPs. (Upper levels are even players and all the lowers are odd). There are additional LPs outside the lower level, and 4 inside each swamp.

Each player also gets control of a turret located directly outside the walls to give a castle effect. The upper level players have two turrets guarding the rear entrance from the swamp.

The one relic point is located at the center of the map. This will make tier 3 techs only available to one player at a time and therefore a highly contested point.

There are also 2 slag deposits, located between the center ramps. Finally, there are 4 CPs. One between Teams 1&2, another between 3&4. The other two are located in the swamps.

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