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this is my second map and i m happy to present you this great map!
You fight on a big Island with up to 7 Opponents in teams or free for all.
The point on this map is that all Relics, Slag Depos and Missionobjectives are in the center of the island,
so you need to conquer it. This map is really big and detailed so you need to have a good PC.
I wish you a good fight and a lot of action =) !!!

Mapname: BattleIsland

Version: 1.0

Players: max 8 (2, 4 Teams or FFA)

Size: 1024x1024

Terrain: Island

Autor: ([AdF]-GSG17, OptimusPrime) Pascal Wauer

Date: 17.November 2004 (my Birthday ;))

- 1.0 first public Version

Creation Time: nearly 14 hours

how to install: just extract the map to your ... W40kDataScenariosMP folder. (create the last 2 of them if you dont have them)

please send all bugs you find to
Bugs which aren`t bugs: if you can shoot through walls this isnt my fault.. its a bug of the game so perhaps relic fix this in a later version (hope so).
thx for downloading my map :-),

cu on the battlefield =)

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