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Map Name: The Way to Dusty Death

Description: Near river/lake/oasis in the deep desert two combatants have built supply dumps, nither wants the others to survive and they
both are under heavy bombardment secure the supply post at all cost before the final assault on the enemy bases. There are two
ways to cross the river shallows and a rickety bridge only the shallows can support vehicles so plan your assault carfully.

Installation: extract all files to C:program files hqdawn of warwxpdatasceneriosmp

This is my 4th map and my 1st 4 player map it took about four hours and in my oppinion is pretty cool but if you dont like
desert maps with alot of sand dunes dont bother dling it and for future refrence making sand dunes look good takes alot longer then
one might think btw hold the line was my map sorry i never contacted dowfiles about it i was to busy.

you may use this map however you like just dont exploitit for personal gain and give credit to me as the creator

there may or maynot be a 2nd release i'l go on how popular this first one is.

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