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{{{ Monastery }}}

Works with WA 1.41

Install: Use the installer. That's the little icon thing, click it!

Here is the thread accompanying this map, should you wish to comment on it, or if you find a bug:

As this map contains mostly custom textures you should not have problems with pink question marks. If you do, a safe bet in solving the issue is to download the excellent Community Map Packs (why wouldn't you have them anyway?). These can be found here:
If the problem persists then you did something wrong and i don't care. Why would i after i've gone to the trouble of making and testing a fancy installer so you don't get yourself into these situations?

---{{{ Monastery (8) }}}---
A Black Templar monastery sits high on the cliffs standing guard over two huge underground production facilities. In it's day this world served to outfit the Imperium's armies with blessed weaponry and armour. However, avarice took hold of the ruling warlords. They rose up to claim this factory and it's profits as their own. Using operatives within the facilities they took control and, surrounded under a withering hail of fire, the Black Templars were forced to withdraw. It wasn't long before the warlords turned their weapons upon each other and this world fell from grace into ruin. Now is the time to recover what was lost.

Eight player map designed for 4 vs 4. Works best on take and hold without a doubt.

---{{{ [Night] Monastery (8) }}}---
Night shift compatible version of the map for use with Palii's superlative Nightshift mod.

Nightshift can be downloaded here:;62075

Argonaut, Aralaz, skills, DarkElfLord, Hands_of_Fate, Grabnutz, the_splurge, Hanger8 and anyone else who provided valuable advice, feedback and play testing. Everything you guys said was considered.

This map may not be copied, modified or distributed in any way without first gaining my permission. I own it, it is mine, you cannot have it!

iamtheone dot 8k 'at' ntlworld 'dot' com

If you would like to contact me make sure the title reads. DAWN OF WAR: (I get a lot of spam, if you don't label it this way the chances are it'll get lost underneath the myriad of spamalot i receive)

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