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Author:Marrick(username on DoW files),Kronos(username on forums@relicnews)

Map name: Marrick Kharn-Fate of an Outpost beta
Type of map:8 Player,4 teams of 2, 512x512 size map, multiplayer map, designed for Annihilate, Take and hold rules, Free for all is NOT supported

During the days of the Great Crusade, bitter battles were fought for control of this world.
It stayed in the hands of the Imperium for millenia until the World Eaters attacked it and gained control, naming it after their champion, Kharn.
It has now been realised this ice planet has great strategic value, and again blood runs cold on its freezing surface.

The map:
Each player starts on a side of the map, and are given only two SP's each, to get more you will have to venture into the urban-like centre and take them.
Most of them are in destroyed buildings, which provide Heavy Cover, but are out in the open so are vulnererable to attack.
I have intentionally denied Baneblades and Squiggoths access to the centre of the map so they cannot dominate, as the stlye of the map is a chaotic battle, not a seige.
Bases are relatively open to further this style of play.

Legal info:
This map is for personal use only and the original author(see author) must give permission before its redistribution is allowed.
You may not distribute this map unless this readme is accompanying it in an unaltered form.
You may not claim the work as your own.

Otherwise have fun!!

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