Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War, review by Geforcer

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A great strategy game. Period!

When this game was published, I really didn't know anything about the Warhammer world. But when I tried this game, it really interested me. It was something new, something unknown... Why didn't I know anything about it sooner?
The first thing that I liked was the impact of the terrain on the units. It really mattered if the unit was on a hill (adds bonus to armor) or in a hole (looses armor points), if the unit had cover to hide from enemy fire or was on the clear field.
The second thing was a great story that was told in a very interesting way and I got the feeling that I was familiar with it. That makes the Campaign fun to play and I never got borred.
As in the other strategy games, races are very different. Each one requires a different approach. That is good because every player can choose a race that suits his play style.

All in all, Relic really did a great job. He took a very big SF, and made a game... a really good game, that is. I recommend this game to the strategy game lovers and to those that aren't. Who knows, maybe after this game you will see the beauty of this genre. ;)
Posted on 03/19/2011 23:56
9.6 perfect