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-------Dark Angels Space Marine Icon Pack-------

Ok, So I got tired of looking at the default Blood Raven Icons in the UI.

I liked the Dark Angel chapter enough to "attempt" to make some Dark Agnels Icons so that I wouldn't have to look
at those cursed Blood Raven ones any longer.

Installation is pretty simple. The files included are the icons themselves and have no .module for an install.
So you are either going to have to make a .module just for the Icons (don't see that happening), or you can simply
make back ups (strongly suggested) of the default icons and replace them with the icons in this pack.

You should be aware when replacing the default icons, you will also be replacing them for the single player game as well.
So make sure you back up your default icons.

Hope you enjoy them. They are not much but I had fun trying to make them.

-----V-0.2 beta-----

As requested, the Icons are more to DA codex Dark Angels green.

-----V-0.3 beta-----

-Due to problems with the limitations of my skills, I have gone a different route for the icons.
I have done away with the default icon style and created my own icons.

-Death Wing Terminators
the icons are finished. I also working on a Death Wing Termi re-skin for the C2C models.

------Work in progress------

-Dark Angels custon building Icons
at the moment im keeping the default icon style for the buildings untill I can make a set of Dark Angel
ones that look good enough to add to the mod.

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