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Author: chosen40k

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Welcome to Dawn of War: Tactical Assault.

DoW: TA is a modification in the works for Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War: Dark Crusade, and to some extent the original Dawn of War. This mod aims to replicate the use of squads is a small scale, not unlike Dawn of War II. Dawn of War has distinguished itself from other RTS games by eliminating Resource Management. DoW: TA takes this a step further by eliminating bases. Yup that's right, like DoW II,
the only "bulding" you have is your HQ. Units are now trained from LISTENING POSTS. This represents armies sending reinforcements through Strategic Points. Tech Trees will also change to represent this.

Mod thread:

Email me at:

-ALL UNITS are now built from Listening Posts.
-You only start with an HQ. The HQ only produces basic infantry.
-The only buildings are HQs and Listening posts. Plus those from special abilities.
-Listening posts can ONLY be constructed by your basic squads. (Space Marines, Chaos Space Marines, etc.)
-Basic Listening posts can be upgraded to produce infantry, vehicles, or upgrades.
-The unit-production and vehicle-production upgrades for Listening Posts are the only way to increase their respective unit caps.
-All squad sizes are reduced. (ex. SM have 1/2 while Orks have 3/4 their squad sizes, etc.)
-Relics and Critical Locations are required to advance in the tech tree.
-New units will be included at some point.
-Plan only to mod Space Marines, Chaos, Orks, Eldar, Tau, IG, and Necrons. (In that order.)
-Leader based tech-trees WILL be included at SOME POINT.
-Power is eliminated production-wise. They may be included as some sort of upgrade currency but not in unit creating.
-Vehicle are hugely buffed but their numbers will be very limited.
-Only your HQ will produce requisition. Strategic Locations only provide Power for upgrades.

-Comes with only Space Marines.
-Come with Orks, Kasyr Lutien, and Outer Reaches for the Dawn of War demo.
-Compatible with Dawn of War 1.0 and Dawn of War demo.

-Simply paste the "Data" folder into the "W40K" folder.

-You CANNOT play Space Marines vs Space Marines. This is because the changes will interfere with the game's AI thus causing the game to crash.
-For Dawn of War demo users, there is no Relic Point model, just a pink box. For now I humbly ask you to deal with it.
-As this is a pre-beta release balance is not perfect, and there may be some damage/unit problems but those are expected.
-Unit and building descriptions are NOT adjusted accordingly. Play around to figure out which builds what and what needs what.

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