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Author: Epic Dude

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Angry_Marines_Bd_2.tga } These go into your Badges folder (it's in your main install folder)
Angry_Marines_Bd_3.tga /

Angry Marines_1.tga > This file goes into the Banners folder (Located next to badges, imagine that.)

Sorry no team colors yet, I'm still really naive to all this painting stuff.

There is only one banner because I am not the best at creating art directly on the computer, and this banner

was taking from the Angry Marines Codex and then resized. Credit goes to whoever made that and stuck it in there. The badges were made from scratch by me however, with the added merit badges from a flash pack.

As far as the Angrymarine color scheme, use all preset colors and it works out just fine

--------This part isn't in the Readme--------
Primary: Bad Moon Yellow
Secondary: Blood Red
Trim: Bad Moon Yellow
Weapon: Blood Red
Trim 2: Blood Red

Hopefully this version works better than 1.0. Hence, I aptly name it 1.2. Enjoy.

Questions? Comments? Need a friend? Shoot me an e-mail at

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