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(BETA) version: 0.1

Well after reading the Gaunt's Ghosts book called Necropolis, which has the blue bloods imperial guard regiment in it, I decided I would make a mod that lets you play as them. The Blue Bloods are an elite regiment that uses only veterans and kasrkin. I felt that I really couldn't capture them in DoW with this mod completely so this is a "beta", I will probably never make a finale version.
This mod replaces the Imperial Guard with the Blue Bloods regiment to play as. The regiment has only a few troop types and vechical types. Rember this is a beta so this isn't and most likely won't be finished so don't get mad at me if the Blue Bloods seem a little boring to play as.


To install extract your file to your DoW directary and then go into the file and take out the modlue file and put that in your DoW directary as well...via drop and drag or cut and paste. Then start the game up and chose it from the mod menu.

What it Does
Blue Bloods are a playable race
squad cap 40
The main troop type is a veteran squad
psykers removed
took out some upgrades
renamed kasrkin storm troopers
renamed the kasrkin sgt., storm trooper veteran
renamed the kasrkin quarters storm trooper quarters
lowered the full scale war upgrade time
baneblade is actually good and isn't a bullet shield anymore
made other changes to unit tree

Please do not copy this mod or rip off this mod!

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