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I lost the readme for this mod so i cerated a new one starting at version
1.4. there is no custom text, mainly because i forgot to do it

to install, put the NECRONS folder and NECRONS.MODULE into c/program
files/thq/dawn of war, assuming thats where you installed the game to

i wish to thank:
Havoc for his cool necron lord and immortal
Davisbe from relicnews forums for the teamcolourable necrons and the icons
thud for getting hold of animators and modellers :D
the guy who i can never remember his name, the one that is animating the gun
fortress for orks :P
Alan Mace for trying to make destroyers and wraiths :D
Zany Reaper for animating said destroyers

- Gave Immortals a setup time
- Immortal life increased to 890
- Added some custom icons
- Increased cost of Immortals
- Added minefields
- Changed the Lord from a Melee Powerhouse to a support character
- Added Destroyers and Heavy Destroyers
- Necrons can now be used n assassinate and destroy HQ.

- Added custom icons for most units and buildings
- Fixed the bug where Necron Warriors did LESS damage after accuracy upgrade
- Slight Life Increase for Necron Warriors
- Greatly reduced damage for Gauss_flayer_ranged due to finding source of
accuracy bug
- Greatly reduced damage for Necron_Warscythe against commander armour
- Reduced armour penetration for Necron_warscythe vs all units
- Necron Lord now appears in the Hero UI section
- Added necron power and requisition research

- Created the chronometron ability
- Created the Guass Lightning Arc ability
- Added phase shifter research
- Greatly increased warrior damage.
- added viel of darkness
- Added models for the main troop building, thermo plasma, generator and
listening post
- Listening posts affect production time of ALL units
- Made the monolith 5 cap, but able to pretty much kill everything around
- increased monolith speed

done builstrategy

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