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Dawn of War: Professional (DoWpro), is a Mod for the game Dawn of War, on the PC. It's maintained and constantly improved upon by a small but loyal team, led by Korbah. So what makes DoWpro so great?

Well, firstly the gameplay and balance has been totally reworked to provide incredibly balanced gameplay for each race that also keeps a proper "40K Fluff" feel of the 40k universe. There's new units/abilities for every race as well as a multitude of more varied strategies for every race. There's a marked reduction in unit spamming and even new graphics/visual effects.

DoWpro is also fun and easy to get into. Some people remark that the "pro" bit in the name can be pretty intimidating - however, those worries are easily dispelled by actually playing the mod. Installation is a simple .exe and help and advice is readily available by jumping onto IRC and chatting to the members of very friendly DoWpro community. The game is not only fun but superficially very similar to vanilla DoW making it easy to pick up and play. However, it's depth means that players will continue to discover and enjoy DoWpro for a very long time indeed.

Switching from WA to DoWpro and back again is dead simple - just one click in the game manager in the main DoW lobby screen. It's a common misconception that you have to give up WA to play DoWpro - this is 100% false as a quick search of the DoWsanc replay section will show many replays from Korbah, the creator of DoWpro.

Note that DoWpro is actually named after the famous Wolf ET mod "ETpro" which aimed to improve apon the original game - the "pro" tag on the end of the name of DoWpro pays homage to this excellent mod who's ethos is closely mirrored by DoWpro.

The beauty of DoWpro is how it easily incorporates other mod-makers talents into the game. LarkinVB's well-known Skirmish AI Mod is already embedded into DoWpro. Many new models are courtesy of Medes.

Key Features of DoWpro:

- Exciting and fun gameplay that differs greatly from WA but incorporates all of the content from both vanilla DoW and the Winter Assault expansion pack

- New graphics/visuals for for every race.

- Sizeable community of its own, and can be played thru Gamespy online, Hamachi Server, or Direct IP.

- New units for almost every race.

- Tier 1 units do NOT become obsolete, as every unit can play an important role in the game. Hence more strategy options are viable. Additionally, you can easily switch between DoWpro and standard Winter Assault, throught the in-game "Game Manager". Nothing is overwritten.

1.56 is SIMPLE to install. Run the .exe and you're sorted. 1.56 also supports the DoWpro map pack in AUTOMATCH. That's correct, you can now play DoWpro in AUTOMATCH with DoWpro maps as part of the pool!

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