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Ork Survival mode Readme

Ork survival mode v0.5 demo release.

Hello, and welcome to the demo for the survival mode. You will be able to play through 20 levels of the survival mode, playing as orks defending an orky fortress against attacks from the Eldar and Space marines. You begin the mission with
some troops and buildings to get you started, and once you get going the enemy come thick and fast!

Please be aware that although this release is pretty well ‘finished’ it does contain some minor bugs. Also, the biggest aspect of the game – balancing – is still being tinkered with. In particular the space marine weapon upgrades aren’t fully implemented, so if you find some of the SM waves a little easier, that’s because they haven’t been tooled up yet!
I wanted to release it to the community to get a feel for the difficulty level. Be aware that the relic bugs cannot be corrected, and the elder throwing multiple plasma grenades is nothing to do with me :P

The full version will include a Survival Mode for every race, and each race will have to defend themselves against 50 levels of enemy troops. Every ten levels the player will receive ‘bonus’ troops and often this pushes the squad/vehicle cap way over the usual limit. I hope to find a way to be able to ‘patch in’ different fortresses and maps to add variety to the gameplay. Also, upon the release of Winter Assault, the Imperial Guard will (probably) receive a survival mode too.

To install unzip and double click the installer to start the install wizard.

To play go to campaign, and change the dropdown from ‘dawn of war campaign’ to ‘ork survival mode’.
This DOES NOT need to be run as a mod, and should not break your online play. Please give me feedback at DOWfiles,
or you can e-mail me at argonaut14(@)

Relic Forums Thread

Big Respect is due for Titler, who has been an awesome playtester. His feedback and constructive criticism has been outstanding
and without him this would have been a different and weaker release. Thanks Man!

A huge debt of thanks also goes out to Fire81 for his awesome Orky Decals pack, the loading screen and installer icon he made for me to use on the ork survival mode.

Thanks and I hope you enjoy it!

Best regards,


I AM LOOKING FOR DEDICATED ORK PLAYERS TO HELP ME BALANCE THE DIFFICULTY FOR THE FURTHER 30 LEVELS - All skill levels are good, but you must be prepared to give me some comprehensive and constructive feedback. E-mail me if you're interested. Don't e-mail me if you're
not going to help me out and are just in it for the kicks/updated versions.

This mode is in no way endorsed by Relic, Games Workshop, or THQ. The code enclosed is all my own work, and as such if you do use it for anything, please ask me first. You may not charge any money for the use of this file, but you can distribute it through any electronic/digital medium as long as the files remain unchanged and you include this readme.The code is written using Relic's scar language, but is all original and (C)Martin Snape 2005 (Argonaut)

Dawn of War, the Dawn of War logo, GWI, the GWI logo, Games Workshop, GW, 40k, Chaos, Eldar, Ork, Warhammer, Warhammer 40,000 Device, Space Marine, Space Marine chapter logos, and all associated races, race insignia, marks,
places, characters, illustrations and images from the Dawn of War game and the Warhammer 40,000 universe are either ®,
(tm) and/or © Games Workshop Ltd 2000-2004, variably registered in the UK and other countries around the world, and used under license. All materials © Copyright Games Workshop Limited 2004 except the Source Code for the Dawn of War game
© 2004 THQ Inc. All Rights Reserved.)

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