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This skin gives the Guardmen a digital camo. My intention was to make something the closest as possible to the new MARPAT BDU (US Marines Pattern) but finaly because of the relative small scale of the skin files it looks a bit more like the german Bundeswehr SPECTARN which is a bit similar to the WWII Waffen-SS pattern. So, take it the way you want but I hope you'll enjoy it because it took me a looot of time to make it work ! :)

Important: You'll notice that some pixels remain black whatever you do in the army painter. To me it's not a big problem and I must admit that I'm quite happy because those pixels are not fluo-pink (DOW skinners will understand what I mean ;) but i'll try to fix that anyway.
I changed a bit one of the faces and all of them are less taned too.
It's a beta.

Tell your Winzip/Winrar or whatever to unzip the 'w40k' folder contained in this archive within the DOW root folder (default path is : C:Program FilesTHQDawn Of War )

You should find the file : ig_guardsmen_default.wtp at this location > C:Program FilesTHQDawn of WarW40kDataArtebps
acesimperial_guard exture_share. Just delete the file and you're back to vanilla Guardmen.

En force majeure et honni soit qui mal y pense !

Greg Aubé (France)

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