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* Imperial Guard * Troops & Vehicules Reskin v 1.0 *

Author : Greg 'Soleil-Rouge' Aubé - France.

** Description**

This folder contains files for a complete reskin of

All the vehicules

Also included, an army colour scheme with 'authentic' colours with badge and banner(not authentic) which will appear in the army painter as ' +WW2_Axis_IG+ ' .

** Subject **

The inspiration is WWII 1943/45 german troops and vehicules BUT nothing is added or removed concerning insignias or markings of any kind. It's all about camo patterns and has nothing to do with politics !!!!

One specific and very interesting thing about the WWII german armies is that troops and vehicules were, concerning colours, very disimilar.
Troops were wearing uniforms mostly based on the Feldgrau color plus some basically woodland camo items but vehicules (even in Normandy!) were painted in colours adapted to the East Front mud steppes, mostly dark yellow. This is why, with this skin pack, vehicules' main colour is Trim2 colour -which is not used by default on vehicules- but troops main colour (helmet, body armour etc) remains Primary colour. (If you don't like that you just need to choose a Trim2 colour similar to Primary colour).

Every camo pattern is based on an authentic historical camo.

**** KNOWN BUG ****

Leman russ and Sentinel don't like bright colours, I mean colour with the brightness control at the very top!! So, if you use bright colours in your army colour scheme (except for Primary Colour and Trim 1 Colour. You can do what you want with these two) you may see weird fluo pixels on some small parts of those two vehicules. Just pull back the brightness control for the colour which is "full brightness" a bit and it will be ok. I still work on that problem anyway.

** Install **

Please, extract the complete zipped folder to your Dawn of War root folder. Please be sure the "use folder names" option is checked.

** Uninstall **

Just remove the files that have been unzipped in C:Program FilesTHQDawn Of WarW40kDataartebps
acesimperial_guard .

If you intend to use all or just a part of these files for a mod or whatever, plse ask me before (PM me at Relic forum, name: Soleil-Rouge )! Thank You

En force majeure et honni soit qui mal y pense !

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