Mod: Brothers of the 4th 1.3.1
This mod by Zetrial is designed to make the campaign experience of dawn of war 2 much more enjoyable and add some new elements to the campaign. It does this by making each and every single marine under your command unique.
  File Name:     Author: Admin
  File Size: 1.12 MB   Files Added: 11,378
  Downloads: 10,829 (5 last week)   Author Downloads: 18,858,082 (32,177 last week)
  Posted: 18.03.2009   Supporters: n/a
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By Gnombert (I just got here) on Apr 08, 2009
I can t start this mod
can someone help me?
By Battle_Ben (SI Newbie) on May 11, 2009
Same here the Brothers.bat file won't execute, it only enters DOS for a split second then closes.
By Gnombert (I just got here) on May 12, 2009
wow its a very nice mod now
By herodotus (SI Herodotus) on May 12, 2009
* Extract the folder Brothers_of_the_4th, GameAssets, Brothers_of_the_4th.module and Brothers.bat to your Dow 2 installation directory.
* Run Brothers.bat

* Simply delete the Brothers_of_the_4th folder, Brothers_of_the_4th.module and Brothers.bat from your Dow 2 directory.
* Remove Brothers.ucs found in GameAssets\Locale\English.
By whatdoyoooouwant (I just got here) on Jun 26, 2009
im new to this i have downloaded and have all these files now how do i find the dow 2 instalation directory? searching for it cant find it is it on the disk or is it installed on my computer?
By whatdoyoooouwant (I just got here) on Jun 26, 2009
i extracted the files to where i think it is and nothing is happening? dos only opens for a sec when i run the bat file
By whatdoyoooouwant (I just got here) on Jun 26, 2009
got it working and played fine but after i turned the comp off over night the next day nothing will run i mean nothing steam wont start up and neither will the game i cant even get it to uninstall nothing hapens dosent even come up with an error code or anything
By Battle_Ben (SI Newbie) on Jul 11, 2009
There is a newer update that actually allows the MS-DOS batch file to work but it is not available on this website, look up Brothers of the 4th on and download the newest version (currently Version 1.5.1.). All you have to do is click on the brothers .bat file, MS-DOS will open you will see a short line of code then Dawn of War II will open as normal, you will know that the mod is working if you see what appears to be an hybrid of a Company Champion and Apothecary in the place of the Force commander on the main menu screen (he seems to be carrying a power sword, storm shield and plasma gun at the same time). Whatever you do DO NOT download the new Beta for the expansion pack from Steam as this version of the mod is not compatible with the beta.
By Battle_Ben (SI Newbie) on Jul 11, 2009
AND no i WILL NOT discuss the contents of the Beta. Or the wrath of the Emperor will descend upon me.
By Battle_Ben (SI Newbie) on Oct 03, 2009
The Current version of Brothers of the 4th (Version 1.51) will not work on the most recent patch for DOW 2 which is Version 1.5
By Taoutes (I just got here) on Feb 13, 2010
does anybody know where i can find my dow2 installation? I've searched all things on my computer, my files, my dow2 files, opened every file and looked, etc and I can't find it to extract my downloaded mods. mega sadface now.
By zombieguy4 (I just got here) on Jan 24, 2011
C:\Games\Steam\SteamApps\common\dawn of war 2\install is this the right place