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Author: XIXTheReaperXIX

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Maps are as follows

Power Plant: a 512x512 8-player map designed for fixed locations and teamwork players 1-4 start near to each other however are unable to reach each other 5-8 are positioned outside in the deserts just out side the bases so if one of you dies you all will so work together.

Urban Warfare: a 512x512 urban map now people who do maps know urban ones are complete cows this is true as ever but I did it. 8 players on opposite sides of the city the centre is heavily Fortified with plenty of cover and points however cramped so a ring road goes around the entire out side for tanks and such.

Legal stuffs: This is mine =) if you wish to use it in any way contact me ill say yes but just for formalities do it anyway and give me credit and any one who does the Icons (if)

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