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Author: Lost_Artist

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Place of Dreams (3)

Since centuries this place has been used by the Spacemarines for its solitude to be a safe area for keeping important relics.
Alexander IV. , unfortunately not acknowledged about the blueprints for building up a Landraider, tries to find
out for left information in the relics. But something is different from before: The relics under control by the all devastating machines: The Necrons.
An epic, seemingly never ending fight develops as Alexander calls for reinforcement, while their is no victory in sight.

To install:
Just extract the .zip file into your Soulstorm-main-directory
(If installed automatically the path is "C:Program FilesTHQDawn of War - Soulstorm")

This Map can be used as long as credit is given
( by Lost_Artist aka JohnAss)

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