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Gunship 1.0
Made by Redeemed74 TyoungLS
Using EZScar-2-020B.scar
With help from Maxxta
Map Tested by Iron_Father

Compatible only with DOW Soulstorm (it depends heavily on special Soulstorm units)


To install this scenario, run the executable file and make sure that it is opening into the proper folder, which on most computers is

C:/Program Files/THQ/Dawn of War - Soulstorm

If you have your game installed on a different drive letter make sure that you locate the appropriate place.

Unpacking should create a "Data/Scenarios/MP/loading" directory with the loading
image named gunship.tga in it in it.

Along with this map is the documentation for EZScar and the latest version of the EZScar script. You are welcome to use and-or modify in part or in whole the Gunship.scar script for your own map or mod and do not need to ask for any specific permission. Please do mention, though, that you are using EZScar and keep its header intact.

Game Setup:

It is very important to use FIXED STARTING POSITIONS and PLAYERS SET TEAMS. You can leave any slots 3 to 5 closed if you like, and doing so will increase your squad and vehicle caps a little bit. Player2 must be set to be on team2 and should be ORKS, in order for the scar programming to work correctly. All other players should be set as your allies. Having fewer players on your team will result in proportionally less fighter bombas and ork squads. It can be played as a single player, or as an online co-op.

The actual difficulty level will only vary slightly from Standard to Insane because of the generated units and forced enemy attack. Any computer allies you have will be affected by the difficulty level, so having it on Harder or Insane can actually make it easier!

The only objective this scenario is designed is ANNIHILATE. Anything else is likely to cause a “fatal scar error” or unpredictable results.

All the standard races should work. New Race Mods will not receive a forward base, but should still be able to play.

Starting Resources don't make any difference since everyone on the Gunship receives 50,000 Power and Requisition at the very start. Why not? You have been on the ship long enough.

Dealing with Lags:

This scenario involves large numbers of units, lots of Titan cannons and complex scar programming. It takes a top notch computer to run it in high resolution. If you experience lags, there are several things you can do:
1. Lower the number of AI allies (leave one or more slots “closed”),
2. Lower the resolution settings on your computer,
3. Don't use a mod that affects the computer AI or keeps track of “heroes”
4. Make sure your computer is not running other processes that slow it down
(virus scan, quick launch programs, etc.)

Tips and Tricks:

(Caution, contains spoilers! Adventurous players scan just get started, but if you become disgruntled with the map or are of the more cautions type this may be of help to you.)

This scenario is best played with several human players that can think – AI players will only help a little bit. Player1 is the only one who can power the large and small cannons and should concentrate on keeping the Fighter Bombas off the Gunship. Watch out! It can take time for your cannon to fire, and if the target moves over friendly troops or buildings you may destroy them too. When the Bombas do make it, some act as transports and will drop squads of fighters. At the start the orks are disorganized and will attack whatever is close to them. But then contingents will wisen up and develop strategies. Don't let them take control of all three critical locations at once, or in a few minutes they will gain ownership of the deck cannons and you will be blown away! Also, try to keep them from building Orky Forts on the deck, since a lot more units, even Squiggoths, could then come at you.

There are several ways to cripple the Ork's advance. It is up to you to figure most of them out, but you might want to know up front that successfully destroying key buildings on the Orky Asteroid will slow down and even stop their unit production. Your big cannons can still fire, if you can manage to reveal areas on it while holding back the orky onslaught...

The numbers of attacking Orks will not be affected by mods that allow higher squad caps, so settings for massive battles or no limits will make it much easier for you as defenders.

Have fun!

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