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Author: 666

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+++++++TERMINUS EST++++++++
++++++++++V 1.1++++++++++++

Terminus Est is one of the oldest ships known to the Imperium, the power of Nurgle holding its ancient hull together while the most virulent plagues seethe through its dank corridors. The Terminus Est is a part of Nurgle’s realm given license to travel the stars, spreading death at the behest of its damned captain.

This is Version 1.1 of the Terminus. I have since added objects from Soulstorm to make it look more Nurgly & made a few other changes.


Fixed the strat point next to the forward starbord starting position. You no longer have to traverse the entire ship to get to a locatioon you could hit with a rock.

Added SS objects bubblefield, tentacles & more random chaos statues

Added Thunderhawks on the port & starboard sides of the ship. T-hawks are set to the owner of each correspoding starting points so it looks like the chapter is bording the ship.

Switched start point at the end of the corridor to a crit loc so no one can block the entrance.

Various other aesthetic tweaks here & there.

Once again, Enjoy!

Just unzip the DXP2 folder into your root DoW - SS folder. All the filepaths should be correct.

All I ask is if you do include it in any mods/map packs, put my name on it: Sick, Sick 6.

Thank you,

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