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CAPTURE THE FLAG MOD - Soulstorm Mappack

by Evil Isador (on, and


This mappack modifies some of the maps from Soulstorm for use with the Capture The Flag Mod.
The modified maps have got small flag icons in their preview showing you the possible locations for the flags to be placed.


1. Install the "Dark Crusade Mappack" to your "Soulstorm"-root-directory
2. Extract the "W40k"-folder into your "Soulstorm"-root-directory
3. Accept the questions, whether you want to overwrite files
4. Start the game, play skirmish or multiplayer and check the wincondition "Capture The Flag (CTF)"


Go to your "Soulstorm"-root-directory, then open "W40k\data\Scenarios\mp" and delete all the maps you don't want anymore

Hints for map makers:

1. Possible locations for flags are created as markers in the Mission Editor.
2. These markers have to be named as "mkr_ctf_flag#", where # stands for a number, which starts with 1, is increased by 1 for each marker and can get arbitrary high.
3. Examples:
a) "mkr_ctf_flag1", "mkr_ctf_flag2", "mkr_ctf_flag3" are 3 possible locations, that means they've got a probability of 1/3 to be chosen.
b) "mkr_ctf_flag1" is the only marker, so the flag is definitely placed there.
c) "mkr_ctf_flag0", "mkr_ctf_flag1", "mkr_ctf_flag2", "mkr_ctf_flag7"
In this case only "mkr_ctf_flag1" and "mkr_ctf_flag2" are valid, because 0 isn't allowed and 7 breakes the order.
4. I've included my flag symbol for your personal use in the mod archive under "flag.tga".

Legal notice:

You can use this mappack if you need it for your own mod, but give credit to me.

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