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by neomarz1

Basically I detailed the skin of the Chaos Marine. More details to make him more menacing. to include Vein texture, Bloody Armor, Skull on the right shoulder pad. Retextured Jetpack, Horns, and armor portions. The Blood was originally on the original skins, However THQ abandoned them, I just brought them back.
1] Extract the file to your "Dawn of War - Soulstorm" directory.

Should look like this after extraction:
C:Program FilesTHQDawn of War - SoulstormDXP2Dataartebpsraceschaostexture_share

- all armor now has Vein texture, Blood, and the skin has been reskinned to look more menacing.

5,000 KB

* More to come :)

- Myself. You may use this in your own mod as long as you include me in the credits

Good Luck and thanks.

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