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Welcome to the Tower Defence for Dawn of War: Soulstorm (SS)! This is a mod by Fuggles for SS and when installed will appear in the Game Manager.

Installation Instructions

To install Tower Defence, you will need to ensure that the files are in the correct location, although note that the .zip archive will be correctly structured if you simply extract to the default SS directory.

Tower defence folder into C:ProgramFilesTHQSoulStorm
The .mod file into C:ProgramFilesTHQ SoulStorm
The tower defence maps, consisting of a .tga, .sgb and .SCAR into C:ProgramFilesTHQDarkCrusade SoulStorm Datascenariosmp.
Map loading screens into C:ProgramFilesTHQSoulStorm Datascenariosmploading

I am presuming that you have used the default install and that the directories exist. If this is not the case, then you will have to put them in the corresponding location and also create directories where needed.

Once the files are in the correct locations, simply load up SS and select Tower Defence from the Game Manager on the front menu.

Game play Instructions
In tower defence the basic idea is that on each level, a wave of enemies (also known as ‘creeps’) will appear at point ‘A’ and try and make their way to point ‘B’.

Your job is to stop the creeps getting to the exit by the usage of turrets and the violent gifts that they dispense.

Every time that you kill a creep you will earn some requisition. Requisition is used to both purchase new turrets and upgrade existing turrets.

In addition, after certain rounds you will be given energy, which you can use to fund research into more advanced turrets at your aspect portal. Alternatively this energy can be used to generate extra interest on your savings between rounds or in buying a powerful bomb to thin the enemy ranks.

For every creep that gets to the exit point on a level, you will lose the creep’s financial value and also one life. In general, the higher the wave you are on, the more money a creature is worth.

After each wave of creeps is vanquished, there is a period of peace in which you can take stock of yourself before calling for the next, harder, wave of creeps.

There are special rounds thrown into the mix, and you will receive warning at the end of the previous round if the next one is unusual.

To trigger the next wave of creeps, move your Farseer from the red beacon to the white – beware of leaving the Farseer next to the white beacon mid wave as you may start a round unprepared.

If your stock of lives reaches zero, then the game is over and your score will be displayed before you are evicted from the map.

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