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Author: Sgt Rotten

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Gain Some Room on your battlefield...

Well, It will probably appear as a stupid idea to some, but could be usefull to others, who knows... It s up to you and it s free :)

All Plasma Generators (or same fonction) take less room on your base.
(I didnt touch the Thermo Plasma)

changes are applied to :
- Chaos
- Dark Eldar
- Imperial Guard
- Necrons
- Orks
- Sisters of Battle
- Space Marines

Eldar and Tau didnt need it, they refused my offer... (in fact their generators were tiny enough)


Simply extract the .zip to your Soulstorm folder

C : Program files... THQ... Dawn of War - Soulstorm

That's simply all for it, hope it will change your life on the battlefield. :)

Sgt Rotten.

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