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Author: Maxxta

Readme File:
I originally wanted to make an expansion pack (add a new race and new units to each race) but i had trouble with some of the details on it (makin new models etc) so i just stuck to addin units to races although if any1 wants to volenteer to help me in making a good big mod post on my clan homepage. One of the units i added (well the only one so far) is the heretic guardsmen, i evened them out and totally merged them into the chaos army, i know this has been done loads of times b4 but i fixed the build time, squad cap, re-inforce time, cost and i added AI so the computer uses them!!!!

Installation :

place in your dow directory
:C:Program FilesTHQDawn of War - Soulstorm

start up dow and select heretic guard from the mod manager

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