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Gerberman's Skyray Mod

Version 1.0
Release 140109

For use with Soulstorm


Cheers to Corncobman for enlightening me to the means of hardpoint creation.

Mod Usage

Use / edit / alter anything in this mod as you see fit but Credit Corncobman for his endless help to the community.

Incorporating this mod into your own

To drop it into your own mod, simply merge the 'Data' folder into your own. This method will overright any changes to the Skyray EBPS (the only altered file included) you have made however.

Other methods are to copy out the 'combat' extension from the EBPS and paste it into your own, along with updating the 'abilities' extension for the seeker missile.

Installation / Removal

Uncompress from the .rar and drop into your 'THQ/Dawn of War - Soulstorm' folder or wherever you have it installed.

To remove, delete the following files:

skyray_mod (folder)
skyray_mod.module (module document)

Legal Stuff

This mod uses assets and intellectual property & copyrights held by THQ, Relic, Iron Lore and Games Workshop without their permission. No challenge to these organisations is made respective to the content altered / created.

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