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Author: VaLkYrIe

Readme File:
Marine upgrade MOD for Dawn of War-SoulStorm;
v 1.0.1

Mod details:
# Marine squads, terminators and Grey Knights have there loadout incresed, also chaos cultists are increased to around 20 for each squad
# A few abilitys in all races are enhanced (to try ballance the game out a little)
# SM HQ, listening post have had there addon cost and times decreased.
# Squad cap raised to 25
# Termie's now can have 6 heavy weapons, space marines are the same.
# All bolter dammage increased (including turretts)
# Chaos marines have 6 weapon slots and have a 12 person loadout (also to try ballance out the game)
# Scout marines sniper dammage is now a "one-hit kill" (on most units)
# Sisters of battle and necrons have new textures, i could not figure out anything to add to the marines' textures.
# Also includedes the "Worlds at War" 8 player map, thanks to its creators
>extract to dow ss game folder
>run dow ss
>in main menu, goto game manager
>select "marines"
>it will ask to reset game click "yes"
there u go, marines is now playable.
(for advanced mod users- instructions on how to install mod are strictly for "noobs" (lol))

if u have any feedback regarding my mod, or any advice, feel free to contact me;
have fun,

note, if any1 would like to use this mod, feel free as long as i get some credit!!!

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