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Terms of use: No content is to be used in any mod from the Daemons mod without permission from the authors of the Daemons mod team/ UA mod team. Some content is alright however, like Warsmith's models or FOK's models. But to be careful, it is better off to get these models from their mods directly. Content within the Daemons mod is left alone unless used as a requirement for another mod.

- Most thanks to the Firestorm Over Kaurava mod team for their models and assets.

- Daemons mod team for most of the work, including all code ui game menus (Jaguar Lord entirely with taskbar), FX from Lord_Doofus and Sataman, some models by RT2, some models by Sataman, some models by Cosmocrat, lots of the hex n' tex work by Lord_Doofus, icons by RT2 and finished off by Gambit, and finally the game testers of the mod from the UA Team and Daemons mod team.

- Warsmith for his models used by the Dark Prophecy mod.
- Thudmeizer for the Daemons ai and support of the Daemons mod + Voices for some units.
- Jones1979 for the Objective Points mod which was extremely well done for the Daemons faction and other factions in the DOW Community.

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