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~ Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War series ~

Welcome to Deuce Savage's Dawn of War color schemes (Skins). V2.1

This is my rock solid hard core color code skins for your WH40K series. Actually you get a better sense of feel and involvment into the game
than ever before! The Tyranids new color scheme scares the crud otta you and based on insects found nowhere else on earth except the
jungles of South America! Chaos Marines more menacing! Elders in all thier epic glory! The battle hardened Space Marines! ect.

This was originally created for Soulstorm - but you could basicly use it for the original Dawn of War & Dark Crusade, or any other
mods to enhance your gaming experiences!

Unzip with WinRar & or 7-zip

Before installing, backup your own personal Scheme folder if you have one and place it into a Backup folder for safe keeping. Comes with one
full Scheme folder already or you could integrate mine with yours or Pick & choose your favorite Race separately. Simply add the New Scheme
files entirely or separately - (if you dont have folders, create one) - Example:

THQ/Soulstorm/Profiles/Profile1/Tyranids/Schemes folder ( comes with KEYDEFAULTS.LUA file if not already in there ).




THQ/Dark Crusade/Profiles/Profile1/ Imperial Guard/Schemes

Ect. ect.

The KEYDEFAULTS.LUA file is the property of THQ, Relic, and Games Workshop along with thier mod making tools and models. All other
trademarks, logos, copyrights are property of thier respected owners.

Any other names or other materials used is in no way dude related to other peoples or materials and if so - what a fooking coincidence!
This mod is not for sale & used for commerce. Its is intended for free use for the WH40K fans. Enjoy!

ALL Orks must die!

Deuce Savage
(Red_Hammer @ DoW Files)
Deuces Wild Development Team

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