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Ultimate Apocalypse mod download links:
Part 1:!EglFCIZK!PKhVPlZYLEphPDRvC29Q6ytxHZ9KDfh8LUL33zlOU4Q

Part 2:!9oUzAayI!SORORw9C_aCxg0A_Hbr3-jEuLH5U7wrN1xxM7lH4qF8

Part 3:!4ktmiAQb!J1eR0CDv5fICOSKvPUzFZC8vvq5rOr78AtW2tHNi05w
Part 4:!ktt3DAyY!dtZWABzK2sqIdO9Vv3sgiWhxGQ05K-vmuJbs1eetspM

Daemons mod:!oldihbgQ!X9izYRnLhdQyi5BiQn_1X0m2Hg0nRpWnJV7IMUwxIik

Tyranid mod:

Inquisition Daemonhunt:

With the exception of the Tyranid mod (which has a very straightforward and easy to use installer) and the Inquisition Daemonhunt mod, ALL mods listed here are installed by simply extracting on your Soulstorm install directory (logically, extract the 1.72 patch after the main mod).

In the case of Inqusition Daemonhunt, extract it elsewhere, then move the folder and .module file named "inquisition_daemonhunt" ONLY to your Soulstorm directory.

To play the mod instead of vanilla Soulstorm, click the Game Manager on the main menu and select your mod of choice.

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