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- This is a patch. The Grand Release (version 1.7, full version) is required for download.


- Any other patches are not required.


- To fix your Kaurava Campaign without crashing to desktop everytime you complete a stronghold mission, you must please export the movies from:



UA Mod Campaign/Movies, simple as that.

- Daemons are restricted in the mod as of 1.72 and 1.72.5! They are getting a major revamp in version 1.73!

- This version fixes the deepstrike hotkey also (E to m). It will allow better access of deepstriking. To have this PROPERLY added ingame, please go to:
- DOW Directory/profiles/*user*/*mod*(ultimate_apocalypse)/keydefaults
- search for "deepstrike", and set the hotkey to "M", or any shortcut you want. Feel free to change up the hotkeys as you like.

This fixes up some of the bugs found in 1.72. It is a small patch, containing:

* Some XP3 fixes that fix the Arena, 100% playable now.
* The Tau Manta is now much bigger.
* Tau ai can now tier up to tier IV.
* Tyranids ai can now very easily tech up to tier 4.
* Tyranids economy was slightly reworked.
* Space Marines Scouts Detonation Charge can now be used.
* Assault Cannons were nerfed.
* Necron generators now build faster, heavy thermo cost decreased, Pyramid addons cost time decreased, Pyramid can now shoot Gauss laser weaponry within a range of 100 meters, Necron economy was slightly reworked.
* All Reaver Titan weapon ranges were nerfed by 20 meters.
* All titans besides Necron and Sisters titans health and void shield strength increased as in some points they die too quickly when attacked by anti titan weaponry.
* Satellite Laser Beam now properly displays the "melting ground" affect.
* Ultimate Apocalypse 2 player and 8 player maps while Tau is ingame were fixed.
* Grenades were very much nerfed.
* AEonic Orb self abilites were nerfed, especially the Necrodermic Energies and invulnerability problem.
* Many other balance changes.

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