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Dawn of War Awakening of Evil
Global comedy and very funny modification from Slavic Community.

You want humour and comedy in Dawn of War? If yes - this is the mod for YOU!!!

Mod based on the famous modification called DoW Revised 1.58 (with author`s permission of course). This project (Awakening of Evil) adds to the game Soulstorm many new units for all races (especially should pay attention to the special IG units such as Ratling snipers, many types of Vostroyan Cossacks, Krieg Folksgrenadiers, and etc.), new updated Imperial Guard (now its Red Communists Army, Slava Rusi!), a new amazing music and FIVE NEW RACES - Genestealers Cult, Space Wolves, White Scars, Emperors Children. Also should pay attention to the White Scars, bikers of the Khan and Emperor who have big moustaches, Harlequins, Space Wolves Ragnar Army with big evil eyes and Emperors Children with pink warriors.

Pay attention please to 5 new races of mod:
Genestealers Cult
White Scars
Space Wolves
Emperors Children
Harlequins (combined race)

Main threads of development: (in russian now)

Beta-version will be there soon

Mod Team:
Chorist aka God Sanguinius aka Mime666 - team leader, advicer, idea-author, tester, Ataman ;)
Count Bagatur - the second co-author, coder, skinner rebalancer, icon-editor, a compilation soundtrack
Necronguy - master effects (FX)
Sataman - second master effects (FX)
Jacob (knezekj) - modeler, skinner (most wonderful modeler in the Imperium)
Torzel - texturer, modeler
Boychaos - modeler, texturer (second wonderful modeler in the Imperium)
QAI - consultant, tester
I_Chample - coder AI, rebalancer

DoW Revised Team - for mod base
JONES1979 - for Black Templars
Karandras - for DoW2 models
Count Bagatur и White Scars Mod team - for White Scars race ;) :D
Tyranid Mod team - for greatest and coolest mod in the world
Gorb и FoK team - for advices and support
Corsix Mod Studio
Games Workshop
Thudo и Steel Legion mod team for permission to borrow models
Perun Warhounds mod team
Harlequins Mod team
Dark Prophecy mod

Best regards main authors of mod Chorist aka Mime666 and Alexander Bagatur

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