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The Soulstorm: Strongholds mod unlocks all seven Dark Crusade and all nine Soulstorm campaign stronghold missions, allowing them to be played directly from the skirmish menu. Full race compatibility is included, which means that the Dark Eldar and Sisters of Battle can be used on the Dark Crusade missions, blue-on-blue match-ups are permitted, and support is included for the following mods:

Black Templars (tested with beta-5)
Harlequins - The Dance Macabre (tested with v0.15)
Inquisition: Daemonhunt (tested with Soulstorm beta v2.01)
Renegade Guard (tested with v0.64)
Space Wolves (tested with v0.63)
Steel Legion (tested with v1.0)
Tyranids (tested with v0.5b1)

Support for the Daemons mod is WIP, and should hopefully be ready for the next big update (v1.1).

Any new race mods that are released (I'm looking at you, Dark Angels...) will be added to this list. This should be a fairly swift process, as I have re-coded all the mission SCAR and NIS files to make it as simple as possible to add extra race compatibility.

The infamous Dawn of War narrator's voiceovers have been included at the start and end of each mission, although these can be skipped without affecting anything else.

As an added bonus for anyone using the Steel Legion mod, I have included a (sort of) new mission, entitled Mannheim Bay. It's basically a conversion of Victory Bay from Dark Crusade, using the Steel Legion as antagonists. Note that this mission won't work at all unless you have the Steel Legion mod installed and linked into the Strongholds mod.

Note that you will need to have the Soulstorm Bugfix mod downloaded and installed in order to run the Strongholds mod. A download link can be found here:

Full instructions on how to get this mod set up correctly can be found in the readme file accompanying the most recent release version (currently the v1.03 patch). I strongly advise that you check it out before you start playing.

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