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Windows XP3:

1. Put the "Warhammer 40k: Epic Legions" folder into your THQ/Dawn of War Soulstorm main

2. Put the "Warhammer_40,000_Epic_Legions.module" into your THQ/Dawn of War Soulstorm main
folder. This already comes with the "Tyranids & DOWai" combiners. If you do not have the
Tyranids & dowai mods then i suggest to get it from Moddb as you need it to get the most
out of the mod/game! The DOWai mod is provived since i had a copy & its hard to find for
some reason (credited the creators).

3. Put the "objective_points_ss" folder & the "objective_points_ss.module" into the Program
Files/THQ/Soulstorm/(main directory). Thats it! This is a neccessary componant by the
Tyranid mod team & saves you time hunting down for it!

4. Optional if you want - Put the "Engine" folder that has the custom loadscreen file into
the THQ/Dawn of War Soulstorm main folder.

5. Tyranids Hotfix - just drop the data folder into your Tyranids mods data folder.


Put the two "d3d9.dll" & the "enbseries.ini" into your THQ/Dawn of War Soulstorm main
folder (These two files work in most older games or mods by enhancing their graphics
& supports Direct X 9, 10, & 11.). To turn on/off enbseries effect, press "SHIFT + F12"
(*PF KEY 12) or "Shift + Enter" for some ENBs. Link to ENBseries home page .

* Warning *
If you already pre-configured your graphics card settings within its options menu then
you dont need these ENB files as that would cause conlicts. Use ENBseries only when your
cards settings are set to standard to get the most from its functions.

It has been known that there are log errors in the Soulstorm main directory folder. This
is caused by the enb series two files. Dont worry, it is still safe to use & won't harm
your pc. Just simply delete those log error files. I texted Boris from the ENBseries to
create an enb series compatible for DOW Soulstorm backed with a nice donation! Hope it

Technical Notes for DOW Soulstorm
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Its known sometimes that the game wont start & crash back to desktop when attempting to
chose which mod to play from the Soulstorms Games Manager. Simply remove the two ENBseries
files from your game main directory & try again, should work. After obtaining the mod that
you want to play within the Game Manager put back the ENBseries files after, should work.

Also are you using "Tyranids & DOWai mods?" I surely hope you are using the Tyranids
& dowai mod so you wont miss out on some glorious features! Two .module combiners are
provided, one with Tyranids & the other with Tyranids and dowai. Your choice. Links here: and DOWai mod is? (Cant seem to find it at Moddb).


Not responsible if your pc suddenly takes a vacation or blows up half the
town! Use at your own risk.

You only have one life to live - so live it!

Happy gaming, deuce

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