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What is Warlords Battlecry?

Warlords Battlecry is an unique game released in 2004. The game combines the most representative Role Playing Game elements with the most important Real Time Strategy elements.

The game has an unique hero system, with up to 28 classes to choose from. Each hero can learn unique spells from different spell books. You may encounter common RPG spell books such as Pyromancy and Necromancy, but also unique spells such as Divination, used to enhance the side you are using, or Summoning Magic, which allows you to summon powerful troops on your side. There is no level limit in this game, which means that heroes may level up to level 3000. Heroes can have up to 10 skills, which are further enhanced by the items they are wielding. The game does not neglect the leveling up system. Not only your hero can level up, but also your units may level up to level 20 and you may take your champions into future battles.

The Game has 16 unique races, the classic Humans, Elves and Orcs, but also races never seen before, such as the Swarm, an army of Scorpions and Scorpionmen coming from the desert to lay waste on the world, the Minotaurs, an army Bullmen venerating their God of War, Sartek, bloodthirsty brutes that try to satisfy their endless lust for battle, and the Dark Dwarves, a clan of Dwarves that imbues it's siege weapons with magic. With such machinery they don't need to fight the battle themselves as the constructs they build ravage the enemy armies immediately.

The game also has a random map generator that further increases the game complexity by providing the map with crucial command points, temples that when hold will summon powerful deminic allies to fight amongst your armies, quests for your hero that will require him to do risky tasks, but reward him with powerful items, large amounts of money or powerful allies to fight on his side, but the maps will also have threats, lairs and dungeons from which armies of Undead, Goblins or Giants without an owner will form, and attack other factions, raze bases and even try to assassinate your hero.

The purpose of this mod is to balance the races, spells and heroes and also to provide every single race with an unique element or ability that completely changes their gamestyle.

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