War of the Roses, review by illi4141

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I just got here

Smelling dang near Roses

Loving this game. Many big laughs the first couple of days, and now am thirsting to improve my decision making and skill. Love the vendettas which happen so naturally, love the precision of the mechanics etc., lot of stuff I don't recognise talked in game about how hitboxes etc. are poor - for me it's pixel perfect. The choices and results in gear and combat seem pretty infinite skillwise and results wise, reckon you can work on different strategies for countering the array of weapons and armours etc. The animation and sounds, for very different weapon forms in the combat '3D' space are spot on, 100% for me, even when others have complained of lag. Really immersive and addictive, just like when I first rediscovered games with COD World at War, and later with BF BC2. Be stalking around you soon for that rare shot with my mace!
Posted on 10/04/2012 07:45
10.0 perfect