Cheats & Hints

Warzone 2100 Resurrection Project Cheats & Codes

During gameplay hit T then enter one of the following codes...

Code: Description:
time toggle Stop mission timer
get off my land Kill all enemy units
show me the power Extra 1 000 power
whale fin Infinite power
hallo mein schatz Complete current mission
work harder Complete all active research
double up Double strength
timedemo Show frame rate
killselected Kill selected units
easy Easy mode
normal Normal mode
hard Hard mode
version Shows when cheats are activated
john kettley Toggle weather
biffer baker Indestructible units
skakey Screen shakes when units explode
sparkle green Stronger units
how fast Shows game speed


Warzone 2100 Resurrection Project Trainers, Cheats Downloads

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+2 Trainer 147 KB Download it!
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Trainer 5 KB Download it!