Wasteland 2 News (PC)

Wasteland 2 sales on Steam Early Access "nice, solid success"

Posted: 18.02.2014 by Technet2k

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Brian Fargo of inXile Entertainment has said, while not "anything crazy" like DayZ, Wasteland 2 is doing "solid numbers" through Steam Early Access. That's great considering it's a single player RPG.

He admits most fans are "content on waiting," as they don't want to spoil it. As they don't have multiplayer is doesn't get the same traction, but they've been number one.

Latest improvements to Wasteland 2 revealed

Posted: 14.01.2014 by nickhorth1

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In a post on Wasteland 2's Kickstarter page, Brian Fargo of inXile Entertainment hinted at some of the changes that will be made in the next update to the current beta programme.

Games continue to dominate Kickstarter, pledges total $200 million

Posted: 17.12.2013 by Technet2k

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While 2012 was crowned 'The Year of the Game' by Kickstarter, 2013's pace for crowd funding video games has blown past last year's $83 million to tally $112 million with weeks to go yet.

Overall games have seen pledges reach $200 million, with $178.15 million actually funding projects from successful campaigns. Games make up 22% of total pledges.

Wasteland 2 now available to anyone on Steam Early Access

Posted: 14.12.2013 by JonahFalcon

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Gamers who missed out on the Kickstarter drive for Wasteland 2 but want to get in on the beta can now get in on the action, as the game is now on Steam Early Access.

Wasteland 2 beta released to backers

Posted: 12.12.2013 by Technet2k

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It's here! inXile Entertainment has set loose the radioactive dogs of war as the long anticipated beta for Wasteland 2 is now available to backers. The beta is PC only for now with Mac and Linux in the works.

Steam keys are retrieved from backers' Ranger Center account, and inXile plan to release Wasteland 2 on Steam Early Access after backers have had "first crack at it."