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This patch was originally designed to translate Russobit-M's Russian edition of Deep Shadows' Xenus 2: White Gold into English.

Added mission text to avoid both lever and key game breaking issues.
Continued improving translation, names and similar inconsistencies.
Fixed M16 reload sound and improved cutscene voice-overs, see below.

v1.6 12.07.2012
Included 1.01 version directories, thanks for testing to John Lewis.
Continued improving translation, names and similar inconsistencies.
Made more dealer sell bolts and fixed Melvin, Rosso and Hunter bugs.
Included improved HUD and corrected errors, thanks Shepard_the_3rd.
Fixed typos and Russian phrases, thanks Shepard_the_3rd and Nikolay.

Added zoom and range indicators to binoculars, thanks to The Silver.
Made arms dealers that offer the crossbow offer crossbow bolts too.
Translated some last Russian lines manually with help of babel fish.
Hopefully fixed possible cutscene crashes by including sndlist.dat.

Changed inventory and trade screens to show more, thanks to badmofo.
Continued improving translation, names and similar inconsistencies.
Renamed double Enrique Enrico and fixed him mediating for civilians.
Improved mission log to hint at what has to be done about Jancarlo.
About 20% of dialogue translations improved by badmofo, many thanks.

The logo was taken from a trailer and the English text restored from the resource.qrc file with only few lines translated. Thanks to badmofo and myers90 for creating the qre hacks and to Anders und mrhtml16 for showing the way due to their efforts.

Included English cutscene voice-overs, thanks jorgamesh and badmofo.
Fixed Don Guillermo and Sebastian being mute and created installer.
Added Postprocess folder to avoid ATI flickering, thanks to player1.
Merged official 1.0.1 patch in and enhanced the phrasing, thanks to badmofo.
Corrected loading and menu videos that slowed loading and menu down.
Continued improving translation, names and similar inconsistencies.
Added mapcom item, made knife droppable and fixed bad help shortcut.

Improved bored brothers mission log and made Black Pearls droppable.

Fixed many small details, and manually translated many broken lines.

v1.0 04.06.2010
100% of all in game text translated, thanks for the help to badmofo!
Added several game engine cutscenes transcripts to the patch readme.

v0.7 04.05.2010
Added subtitles for intro movie, thanks for the translation to Metz.
Corrected minor translation issues and continued the dialogues (2%).

v0.6 31.03.2010
Fixed many small details and names and continued the dialogues (1%).
Made Edgar's and Marquez's weapons droppable and fixed radio issues.

v0.5 05.03.2010
Translated loading and menu screens by using logo from game trailer.
Translated all string categories to 100% except of dialogues (0.1%).

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