Wildlife Park 2 Review (PC)

Wildlife Park fanatics are sure to rave over this sequel. First timers to the Wildlife park game will be definitely delighted in this I-am-in-control-of-everything-animal game. With spectacular 3D graphics that gives the gamer a feel of being right in the middle of zoo park action, this game will satisfy everyone’s childhood fantasies of being a zoo owner or just being plain able to take care of the world’s birds and beasts without picketing outside fashion establishments or beauty companies.

Monkeying around
Tiger family enjoys a meal

This game features more than 50 different animal species to take care of. Wonderfully enhanced graphics and movement showcase the animated, realistic interaction of animals, people, play equipment and the landscape. Colors are vividly done that you might think that you’re zoo god during playing hours. Playing the deus of kingdom animalia, your divine task is to ensure that all your animals receive total care, play equipment are working and rightfully placed and that people such as your employees and park visitors are just as happy.

Being a PC game, controls are relatively easy. Navigating through the whole park is a cinch as the view can be adjusted by zooming in on a particular area you want to take care of, or have a bird’s-eye, yet controllable view of the whole Wildlife Park. Clicking will help you choose a particular activity – feed, pet, medicate, switch animals from one location to another or just keep them moving freely. You are also in-charge of leading a team of zoo professionals such as zoo keepers, veterinarians, scientists, gardeners, landscapers by way of clicking options to command them to do their tasks.

Running wild and free in the park Snowing in the summer

Zoo construction is also a breeze and just as creatively fun having over a hundred structures for animal homes, facilities for zoo park visitors, staff buildings, enclosure equipment and park décor. Aside from fulfilling the zoo fantasy, Wildlife Park 2 can also be a startup playground for aspiring landscape architects. The diversified terraforming options are flexible enough for your landscaping creativity. As the scenario is also a park in itself, the bounty of flora is seen; a plethora of plant species, including botanical rarities are present. Orchids, cacti, even underwater plants! With Speedtree technology, the plants lavishly displayed, will bloom greatly under your care.

In addition to that, the realistic simulation of water flow is also a sight to behold. Included in the landscaping package, you can create thunderous waterfalls that ramble – making the experience more realistic as it should be. Weather conditions are also a plus factor in making this game lifelike.

As for the animals, life can be just as real with the behavior they exhibit. Close to being in the Discovery Channel, you can see social and even sexual (nothing to be alarmed about here, it’s purely nature’s call) life among them. Births, aging, aggression and taming, as well as the integrated food chain that is so greatly executed, it brings back memories of grade school biology. A devoted research laboratory (hence the need for scientists) is also present for full animal and plant breeding experience.

Other construction elements such as roving jeeps, bridges, boats, tunnels and trains make up for a park safari adventure to delight your park visitors.

The sandbox free-play mode is also a treat for those who want more than the average zoo keeping (or godding, in this case). The 20-plus missions and quests add more spice to your zookeeping life in the zoo.

Ibex in the woods! Furry friend – don’t get too close!

Overall, the zoo god experience can be fulfilling, knowing that you are in control of everything alive in the picture. This is a recommended play for fans of “control-freak” games like Theme Park, Theme Hospital, The Sims and Red Alert-genre programs.

Top Gaming Moment:
If you successfully manage your zoo activities, the celebration of animal births gives you that awww….feeling that you were able to provide excellent animal conditions for breeding. Hence, you have been instrumental in bringing forth new life.