Will of Steel Patch, Demo, Movie (PC)

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Patch 1.1

Here's the patch that will update your game from previous version to version 1.1.

Patch added: 28.04.2005 | | 1.64 MB | 131 downloads

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Will of Steel Demo (Updated)

Will of Steel updated demo consists of three SP levels.

Demo added: 06.02.2005 | wos_preview_3_missions.exe | 183.94 MB | 1181 downloads

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Movie Trailer #2

The clip shows a bit over two minutes of in-game footage from the Iraq missions. (512x384, 2:34, DivX)

Movie added: 07.12.2004 | iraq_mission1.avi | 39.57 MB | 144 downloads

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Gameplay Movie #1

As a Marine officer, William Steel, you will be thrown into your first combat experience while leading your men in and out of battles.

Movie added: 25.09.2004 | wos_trailer_hi.wmv | 29.48 MB | 245 downloads

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