Wolfschanze 1944 Interview (PC)

Si: Hello, can you tell us about yourself and your role in the game creation?
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Dominik Zielinski: Hello. My name is Dominik Zielinski, Iím responsible for Visual aspect of our projects, my official position is Artistic Director, but here at Calaris, every one of us holds more then one positionsÖ so sometimes Iím everyone who is necessary at the moment. :)
Si: Who is the main character?
Dominik Zielinski: Our hero is a 37 year old colonel, veteran, war hero and a perfect soldier for which the inspiration was Claus Shenk von Stauffenberg. He was an officer managing the African campaign. After being badly wounded in an air strike his life changed. He became promoted to a colonel and gained much respect, prestige and fhurerís trust. He also became aware of what evil, suffering and senseless violence war causes. Together with a group of other high ranking officers they decided to kill the person that is responsible for it all: Hitler.
Si: Does the game have a lot in common with historical events?
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Dominik Zielinski: Itís inspired by them. We must also notice that some of WW2 facts still are a mystery. What happened to Hitler? Nobody found his corpse. American agents were looking for him in South America years after the WW2 ended. The game story is a specific vision of the events in Wolfschanze and what happened after. The game story is not a re-written boring history book. Itís a version of what might have taken place, but the best part is that all of this could have happened for real.
Si: Did you base the castle interior's design on how it really looked?
Dominik Zielinski: Yes. Most of the locations are based on pictures of real places. I hope you will be able to recognize some of them.
Si: Battlefields were always full of vehicles. Are there any available for the player to drive?
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Dominik Zielinski: Yes. The player will be able to ride a motorcycle. We are also considering the use of a tank.
Si: Could you tell us something about the variety of weapons used?
Dominik Zielinski: We will be able to use ten classic WW2 weapons like Schmeisser, Panzerfaust, Flamethrower or my personal favourite- Mauser. Very effective weapon which you have to reload every time you give a shot (what makes the battle very tactical). The weirdest weapon in the game isÖ a sausage. The sausage will be used to stop the hounds from attacking you and keep them quiet not to cause the alarm. Also you will be able to persuade a dog so that he fights on your side.
Si: Is the damage dealt dependant on the body part a player aims at?
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Dominik Zielinski: I think that already became a standard in shooters. Of course this feature will also be in our game.
Si: Is there a similar game to yours and how do you judge your game comparing to others of that type?
Dominik Zielinski: I would like to compare it to Half Life 2. That game had a great story and game play. Some of our features like realistic water or Newton physics are similar to HL2. Mortyr and Return to Castle Wolfenstein are also the World War 2 reality but our game is more historical and realistic. There is no science-fiction like: time travels, fighting zombies or meeting aliens.
Si: The graphics are pretty cool, what are the system requirements?
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Dominik Zielinski: The game engine is very efficient which allows game to run quite good on Pentium III - 700 Mhz. You will need Pentium IV 2,4 Ghz to run the game smoothly with all details turned on.
Si: What is the scheduled release date?
Dominik Zielinski: The core job is already done. We are planning to finish the project until may 2005.
Si: Is there any multiplayer?
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Dominik Zielinski: Our engine supports multiplayer. We have stand-alone sever, server that manage all dedicated severs in the Web (made for one of our recent projects), but it will be our publisher decision if it will be available for players or not.
Si: Would you like to add anything?
Dominik Zielinski: I wish you will enjoy the game as much as we do.


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