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The Cold War is OVER!

Are you getting bored of normal World in Conflict multiplayer? Have you ever wanted the experience of WiC, and more, in a modern setting with all your favourite vehicles and equipment?

Well, don't worry because Modern Warfare Mod 3 is here! Modern Warfare Mod 3 is designed from the ground up specifically to provide an exciting and renewed experience for people who are getting tired or bored of the vanilla multiplayer experience. So please, if you get bored of WiC, before you go and uninstall the game, give the mod a try and let us know how good it is!
Main Features (Outdated list)

Latest modern vehicles and weaponry
Intensified & Improved visual effects
Surface to Air Missile Systems
New high quality maps
More powerful and lethal units
More realistic and involving air gameplay
New fresh and awesome TAs

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