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World of Tanks MMO hits 500k Players

Posted: 16.11.2010 by JustCommunication

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World of Tanks, a free to play MMO that revolves around... well, tanks (Ed: no shit) has hit 500K players world-wide.

The game was released 3 months ago in Russia and boasts 350,000 active players over there. In Europe and the US however it's in closed beta, although there are still 150,000 active players. releases full development trees for World of Tanks

Posted: 27.05.2010 by PRBot

Comments: 6 gives insight into World of Tanks level-up and upgrade systems by unveiling an updated outline of American, German and Soviet tank fleets. The tech trees illustrate development options for each class of military hardware presented in the game and provide various research paths with sequences of models the player will have to acquire on the way to his "dream" tank. Final version of the development trees also includes a list of premium tanks and captured vehicles available for purchase.