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Author: Jibbs

BuffAlert is an audible buff watcher. Basically, you add listen events for buffs and when you get that buff you tell it to play a designated sound file.

This is critically helpful for the small buffs that proc whenever they feel like it... for example:

Enchants: Berserk
Trinkets: Sundial of the exiled (or any similar)
Warlock: nightfall, backlash
Shaman: flurry, focused
Warrior: rampage

the list goes on.

Buff alert works with ANY buff

----- How to make it work? ------
1. Add a list of WAV's or MP3's to the 'sounds' folder inside of the BuffAlert folder (you have to load them BEFORE you log in)

2. In game type '/ba add NAME OF BUFF/sound_file


For example, '/ba add BACKLASH/ghost.wav'
whenever your warlock proc's the "Backlash" buff, it will play the 'ghost.wav' file inside of the sounds folder.

For more in-game commands simply type /ba or /buffalert

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