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Author: kornbred (Fan Update); Lej (Original)

This is a fan update to ProspectInfo by Lej.

ProspectInfo is one of my favorite Jewelcrafting mods ever. Unfortunately, the original author seems to have abandoned it in December 2007. I have updated it to include WoTLK data.

All of the credit for the original code goes to Lej. I merely updated the ProspectInfoBaseData.lua file to include Cobalt and Saronite ore, changed the mod default to show the embedded data in ProspectInfoBaseData.lua (was defaulted to use data collect by the character), and updated the TOC.

All data for Cobalt and Saronite Ores is from WoWHead. I do not know where the original author collected the data for all other ores from (he didn't comment his code very well). If you think that some of the data is inaccurate, please check the numbers in the ProspectInfoBaseData.lua file and compare them to WoWHead or Thottbot and email me the correction at *** Please do not base the correction on personal data as it could be skewed and inaccurate. ***

Basic Description:

PropectInfo will display attentional info on an ore's tooltip as to what can be prospected form that ore and the chance of it being prospected.

ProspectInfo will also track your own prospecting results.

Chat commands:

/pi OreTooltip (toggles ProspectInfo tooltip for ores)
/pi OreTooltip (toggles ProspectInfo tooltip for gems)
/pi UseBaseData (toggles usage of provided prospecting data for tooltips, if disabled only player data will be used)
/pi Debug (toggles debug text)
/pi LoadMsg (toggles loading message)
/pi Show (shows/hides a frame with all personal prospecting data)

In case of errors:

Please use the tracker or email me directly at Do not post errors in discussion/comments as I will rarely look at them.

Additional notes:

I full intend on updating this mod using Ace3, however due to time constraints and my own inexperience with LUA (I am a Java programmer), it might be awhile. If you like this mod and want to help with this process (or take it over completely), email me at


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