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Author: efindel

Lets you semi-automatically insert your target's, focus', or own class, race, level, and other information in chat. Useful especially for PVP or RP macros.

This is done by adding new substitution strings. For example:

%tc - target's class
%tr - target's race
%tl - target's level
%th - target's current health (as percentage of max health)
%tpvp - target's PVP status (flagged / unflagged)
%pos - your current position

So, for example, you could macro:

/3 spotted %tpvp level %tl %tr %tc named %t at %pos

target someone, and it would send out something like:

"spotted flagged level 21 human warrior named Joe at 34.2,64.3"

On the RP side, it can fill in pronouns for you:

%tn - target's nominative pronoun (he/she/it)
%to - target's objective pronoun (him/her/it)
%tp - target's possessive pronoun (his/her/its)

so, you could do a macro like:

/em walks up to %t, puts a comforting arm around %tp shoulders, and gives %to a squeeze.

That would insert their name in place of %t, "his" or "her" for %tp, and "him" or "her" for %to.

ChatSubs should work in all channels -- say, emote, yell, raid, bg, defense, trade, global, even player-created channels.

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