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Author: BangCraft

A clever mod that will automatically swap in ranged ammunition appropriate to the situation.

Fighting a raid boss? Those expensive super-delux arrows are used. Fighting some crappy 5man trash mobs? Your cheaper arrows are swapped in. There are 7 conditions that you can set ammo for; Arena PVP, Battleground PVP, Raid Boss, 5m Boss, Raid Trash, 5m Trash, and Default.

This addon is fully customizable via a drag-and-drop interface so it's easy to set up and get swapping!

Worried about GCDs?

There aren't any on ammo swaps!

What happens if I run out of my super arrows halfway through a raid boss!?

Your next best ammo is automatically selected!

In game command: /baa

Be sure to post all suggestions, questions or bug reports that you wish a speedy response to at

Currently ammunition is scheduled to be changed in patch 3.2, thus this addon may or may not become obsolete. Whether you choose to continue to use it until then is up to you (6th Feb 09).

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