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Author: Bangerz

The complete Balance Druid addon!

This addon will help you maximise your Balance DPS.

Simply put, it will time your casts so that a wrath lands as the Starfire Eclipse buff becomes available after its' internal cooldown, then swap you to Starfire when the buff procs.

Additionally, it will track your damaging debuffs, buffs, and time your cooldowns to make the perfect DPS rotation easy.


* Smart Debuff Timers for Moonfire, Insect Swarm, Faerie Fire and Earth and Moon
* Buff and Cooldown Timers for Eclipse, Treants, Owlkin Frenzy and Barkskin
* 'SCT' Alerts for cooldowns and rotation changes.
* An infinite number of customizable sounds


* 'SCT' alerts can utilize the Blizzard SCT frame, MSBT or Parrot or SCT
* All sounds, timers, alerts and messages can be customized in size, content and colour
* Users can add their own sound files, or use the lookup file to browse those available by default

In game command: /bec

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